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  • How do I Set or Reset the Combination Lock?
    The Factory-Set Combination is 0-0-0. To Set Your Own Combination: Step 1 Turn the dials on the edge of the lock to 0-0-0 (make sure they are all lined up with the line) Step 2. Pull up the metal shackle. Step 3. Rotate the shackle 90° counterclockwise, Hold it down. Step 4. While holding the shackle down, Set your own combination by turning dials on the edge of the lock to your desired combination. Step 5. Once the combination is set, pull the shackle up firmly and release. Step 6. Rotate the shackle and push down into the hole so it is in the regular locked position. It should not lock since you've just set it to the new combination. Step 7. Turn one number while the shackle is in the locked position (which will lock it). Then put the new combination in to test to make sure the lock opens. Setting of your own combination is now complete! To Open: Dial your numbers to the line and pull the shackle to open. To Lock: Close the shackle and scramble the numbers To Reset Your Combination: Repeat the above steps. ***IMPORTANT: WRITE DOWN YOUR COMBINATION AND STORE IT SOMEWHERE. ***Note that once the lock is locked in its locked position, it is not possible to open the lock without the combination. Only the TSA can open the lock using the special key that only the TSA has. You can only reset the combination if you know your current combination or if the lock is in the open position. **USE EDGE OF THE LOCK TO SET, RESET, OPEN OR LOCK THE LOCK
  • Can I Wash a Cloudz Microbead Pillow?
    Yes! Please hand wash in warm or cold water with a mild soap. Then Air Dry or use a Warm (NOT HOT) setting on a hair dryer to dry.
  • Can I Wash a Cloudz Memory Foam Pillow?
    Yes! Please unzip and remove the outer cover. Then hand wash the cover in warm or cold water using a mild soap. Air dry or use a low heat, gentle setting in a clothes dryer. **Please wash separate from other garments.
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